structural engineering


St. Teresa’s Academy Chapel is a great example of our “BETTER” philosophy.

The ability to incorporate the design of a lace pattern made out of aluminum is unheard of in the structural engineering world. We worked with the design team to develop this concept. Only a handful of structural engineers in the nation have the creativity & technical skill to execute this design.


The Magill Residence is a great example of our “FASTER” philosophy. This 2013 AIA KC award winning project was completed ahead of schedule. The Jan Hendrix sculpture was a thoroughly designed and detailed project, finished ahead of schedule, and maintained the artist’s aesthetic vision.

Magill Residence 270 x 203

Photos: Magill Residence in Kansas City, Mo (left), Hendrix Sculpture in Mexico City, Mexico


The Burberry Flagship Store is a great example of our “PRETTIER” philosophy. A design as unique as the Burberry flagship in downtown Chicago can’t be adequately conveyed in a usual set of plans. Our drawings provided the erector and fabricator detailed enough information to have no RFI’s .