Australian Embassy

Jakarta, Indonesia

Union Station

Kansas City, Missouri

Wonder Lofts

Kansas City, Missouri

J.C. Nichols Fountain

Kansas City, Missouri

St. Teresa's Academy Chapel

Kansas City, Missouri

Our Lady of Perpetual Help

Kansas City, Missouri

"Structural Evolution" Sculpture

Eaton Hall, University of Kansas

Structural Modeling & Analysis

The team at Structural Modeling & Analysis is guided by a simple design philosophy – better, faster, prettier.

Equipped with technical skill and creativity, our engineering team delivers a better, more efficient structural design to exceed client expectations. We provide responsive solutions and deliver designs faster than the typical turnaround, while maintaining the unsurpassed quality for which we are known. We sustain this same quality through completion, delivering designs on a comprehensive, meticulous set of plans that is prettier than typical plans.

Our laser scanning and modeling team has the tools and expertise to take projects from scan to BIM, both quickly and accurately. Using Structural Modeling & Analysis for laser scanning and modeling services saves time and money up front by avoiding the inaccurate, painstaking task of hand-measuring, as well as in the long-run by avoiding the costly delay of RFI’s and change orders.

Structural Engineering

Our clients know us for our quality work, versatility, and expeditious manner. The team at Structural Modeling & Analysis draws on years of experience and creativity to deliver this high caliber work on projects of all magnitudes across a range of industries, including: Power & Industrial, Commercial, Residential, and Sculpture, with a focus on high-seismic design.

We have the skills and tools to tackle and efficiently complete complex designs, such as the intricate lace façade at St. Teresa’s Academy Chapel in Kansas City, which other companies are unable or unwilling to undertake. Furthermore, our familiarity with designing everything from steel, concrete, wood, aluminum, and masonry to less common materials facilitates our tackling unique projects, such as the Australian Embassy in Jakarta – whose design incorporated stainless steel, aluminum, copper and zinc – in addition to traditional projects such as single and multi-family residential buildings.

Laser Scanning

Laser scanning is the industry-leading 3D reality capture process. Laser scans are amazingly accurate (± 1/16” – 1/8”), highly detailed and precise. They limit exposure to extreme or potentially hazardous environments and save time on site as compared to traditional methods of documentation. BIM built from laser scan data save time and money by giving the design team freedom to create based on existing conditions rather than being hindered by them.

The experienced team at Structural Modeling & Analysis provides responsive laser scanning and scan-to-BIM for AEC projects at competitive pricing. We specialize in projects that require a high level of attention to detail and quick turn-around. Using the highest-rated laser scanning equipment and software enables SMA to deliver timely, accurate results. In fact, many times we can scan and model in less time than it would have taken just to field measure.

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